Along with participating in "traditional" content production investment, C47 investment is focused on becoming a leader in acquiring and developing intellectual properties with media content creation potentials.
Using the strategic bases and experiences in Singapore and South Korea, C47 investment will become a bridging catalyst for the content creators all around Asia and beyond.
Intellectual Property Investment
  • Invest in up and coming domestic and international writer' drama & motion picture scripts
  • Acquire the rights to various types of intellectual properties with media content potentials (such as novels, short stories, comics or webcomics)
Production Investment
  • Invest in TV and film production for broadcasting, cable, and streaming platforms
  • Invest in film productions for theatrical release
  • Investment in Korean theater productions, such as musicals and stage plays
  • Produce contents based on IPs acquired C47 Investment
Content Distribution
  • Distribute Korean contents to South East Asia